PaySmart® Capture is a mobile-to-mobile transaction capture technology that enables direct payments between retailers and consumers without relying on acquirers (capture networks) and traditional terminals (“POS”).

The merchant downloads the paySmart® Capture app on its phone and can capture multiple food, meal and fleet brands with security, speed and convenience.

No POS, no lines and no bureaucracy.

Benefits for
The Issuer

  • Costs reduction with the issuance of physical cards
  • Reduced card mailing costs
  • Less cards delivery time
  • No need to force the customer to download any applications: the customer keeps using the same app, automatically updated to include the new generation functions of paySmart® QR Code
  • No impact on processing: paySmart® delivers ISO8583 purchases requests identical to current ones
  • Possibility to know more about your customers’ behavior (with geolocation and consumption patterns)
  • Possibility of providing loyalty programs

Benefits for
The Merchant

  • Less costs with POS
  • Immediate enablement
  • Less payment lines
  • Same financial flow as conventional POS
  • Multibrand: same app captures different brands

Benefits for
The Customer

  • Better purchase experience (including off-line)
  • More convenience
  • Faster payments
  • Feedback in real time about purchases

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How it works



Credential protection on AES-256-bit devices

Hardware Encryption: Creating and validating credentials in HSMs devises (Hardware Security Modules)

Unique identification of devices and mechanisms that prevent the change of credentials between devices

Point-to-point coding between mobile phones and paySmart – protected messages (encrypted and signed) for each device

Unique tokenized numbers for each transaction

Our own protection against replay and preplay attacks

Native protections against malicious developers (anti-root and anti-debugging)

Geosecurity: possibility of using GPS location in higher risk transactions.

Automatic unprovisioning: Cleaning credentials when attempting to attack or lose the device (kiss of death)

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