Backend Developer

We are looking for people to be part of our development team!


  • Development and maintenance of services in innovative electronic payment systems following good programming practices;
  • Create automated tests for all new features and eventual bug fixes;
  • Specification and consumption of REST APIs;
  • Add new projects in the continuous integration system (Jenkins);
  • Use of cryptography and other mechanisms that guarantee protection of sensitive data in compliance with PCI DSS;
  • Understand business rules and integration between systems to propose problem solutions;
  • Work as a team to solve problems by helping colleagues and asking for help whenever necessary.


  • We are developing solutions in an architecture based on microservices;
  • The projects are related to payment methods and involve security mechanisms such as symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, hashes and critical flows in terms of consistency;
  • Among features we have: payments by approximation (NFC), by QR Code, PIX (Instant Payments), Tokens, OTP, etc;
  • We need people who have the capacity to learn new languages ​​and programming frameworks, capable of developing performance and safe code, who like to constantly update themselves, who bring technological innovations and new ideas to improve our processes.


  • Fluency in Java or Javascript development;
  • Have an interest in working with Python;
  • Experience with Unit and Integration Tests;
  • Good programming practices;
  • Version control with GIT;
  • Experience with consumption of REST APIs;
  • Experience with cloud services (AWS).


  • Experience with MySQL or MongoDB databases;
  • Interest in learning and working with AWS services: API Gateway, DynamoDB, Lambda, ECS, SNS, SQS;
  • Interest in learning and working with Docker, Microservices and API specification (OpenAPI 3).